Lexibar Affiliate Program

Offer 10% off to your customers on the purchase of Lexibar and get 10% cash back.


Offer a substantial 15% discount to members of your network.

Who is the Affiliate Program for?

To any person, association, professional, specialist speaker, influencer or blogger in relation to one or more people who could benefit from the use of Lexibar.

How to register?

By filling out the form below. If you are eligible, you will receive your Lexibar Affiliate promo code and personalized marketing kit within days of your registration.

Personalized marketing kit

Get a personalized marketing kit with your promo code including web banners to integrate on your site, your social networks or in your newsletters.

Select one of the 2 following options:


Offer 10% off to customers who will use your Affiliate Code promo when purchasing LEXIBAR from our online store AND receive 10% cashback on the sale price after discount and before taxes (if applicable).

* For businesses with a Canadian bank account only.


Promote your services by offering your network a substantial 15% discount on the purchase of a Lexibar license when using your Affiliate promo code on our site.

Affiliate conditions