Manuals and Guides

Lexibar Installation Guide (French only)

This step-by-step guide is an indispensable tool for understanding how to install the Lexibar software.

Network Installation Guide (French only)

Complete details on installing Lexibar in a network environment.

Lexibar LP5 Comparison Chart (French only)

This comparison table shows the differences between Lexibar Version 4 and Lexibar LP5.

Technical sheet (French only)

All the technical details of the current version of Lexibar.

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The most frequently asked questions!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The problem mentioned can be caused by two things: an Internet connection that is too slow or an antivirus program that is slow to scan the files (often free versions, such as Avast).

In this case, it is suggested to use the local installer to download Lexibar: local installer

What you are downloading is the complete zip file of the Lexibar. You will have to extract it before running the installation. Please note that this file may take some time to download.

You can also view the video tutorial on the installation process:

For all technical information about the different versions of the product, you can consult the technical information by clicking here.

We can help you find your association code. To do so, we will need at least one of the following elements:

1. Motherboard serial number
2. Bios version number (e.g., PC0AAY9R)
3. Computer model (e.g., 20BV000BCA)
4. Processor identification number (e.g., BFEBFBFF00040651)
5. Computer identification number (e.g., 55541A01-546B-11CB-88BB-F8A34BEA6A55)

Please submit this information by email to

We can help you find your association code. To do this, we will need at least one of the following information:

1. The registration identifier
2. The distribution number

You can find this information by going to the Lexibar icon in your toolbar (usually at the bottom right of your screen), right-clicking your mouse under "About" in the menu.

Please submit this information by email to

For educational institutions, you can obtain either a multi-device’s license or a single license.

The advantage of a multi-device license is that it costs significantly less and is easier to manage through the Haylem management console; it allows you to accumulate your purchases over the years, so you always benefit from a lower price. For multi-user licenses, a minimum of 5 workstations must be ordered per purchase order.

Individual licenses are sold as electronic OEM licenses allowing the installation on 2 computers. This type of license is ideal for a spontaneous need for fewer than 5 installations. It is not possible to cumulate your individual licenses on the same association code.

In both cases, if you wish to purchase a license for an educational institution, you can do so by clicking here.