Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


We can help you find your association code. To do this, we will need at least one of the following information:

1. The registration identifier
2. The distribution number

You can find this information by going to the Lexibar icon in your toolbar (usually at the bottom right of your screen), right-clicking your mouse under "About" in the menu.

Please submit this information by email to

The software offers a 30-day trial period with the 5 help functions. The trial period will start automatically after the first installation. After this period, you can continue to use the software with 3 free functions:

The orthographic prediction
The text to speech
The spell check

Here are the steps to follow for the installation:
Download the software via the following link: /download-page
Follow the installation steps (if necessary, refer to the video tutorial:

The LP5 version is a completely new software version, which means that it is not accessible via the "update search" option of the old version.

We have made the choice to offer all our customers a free upgrade to the LP5 version.

Here are the steps to install the LP5:
Download and install the software via our website: /download-page or via the local installer (you will then need to extract the files before installing): local installer
2. To replace the old version, choose the replacement option during the installation process
3. If necessary, activate the license with your activation code

We also invite you to watch the video tutorial on the installation process:

For your information, the trial period is actually 30 days. However, in order to obtain the 5 help functions, you must be connected to the Internet.

Lexibar must be able to connect to our servers to determine if you are on a trial period or if you are using only the free features.

If you "lose" access to the Internet, both of your "paid" features will be temporarily removed until Lexibar can connect to our servers via an Internet connection.

For the purchase of a license usable on 2 workstations, for a multi-device purchase or to request a quote, you can do it directly from our website by clicking here.

Lexibar is indeed a bilingual software (English and French). It is therefore fully usable in English as well.

To change the software to English, you must go to the Lexibar icon in your toolbar (usually at the bottom right of your screen), right-click your mouse and choose "Settings".

Then you will see "Preferred Language" in the list, click "English" to see the "English" option displayed. When you click on "English", the entire software becomes in English.

The CTRL-ALT-A (for Windows) or CMD-CTRL-A (for macOS) keyboard shortcut allows you to quickly turn off Lexibar when you don't need it. To turn it back on, simply press CTRL-ALT-A / CMD-CTRL-A again.

We can help you find your association code. To do so, we will need at least one of the following elements:

1. Motherboard serial number
2. Bios version number (e.g., PC0AAY9R)
3. Computer model (e.g., 20BV000BCA)
4. Processor identification number (e.g., BFEBFBFF00040651)
5. Computer identification number (e.g., 55541A01-546B-11CB-88BB-F8A34BEA6A55)

Please submit this information by email to

The problem mentioned can be caused by two things: an Internet connection that is too slow or an antivirus program that is slow to scan the files (often free versions, such as Avast).

In this case, it is suggested to use the local installer to download Lexibar: local installer

What you are downloading is the complete zip file of the Lexibar. You will have to extract it before running the installation. Please note that this file may take some time to download.

You can also view the video tutorial on the installation process:

In the latest version of Lexibar, voices must be downloaded from Lexibar for the text to speech to work. When installing Lexibar, when this window appears, you will have to choose a language for Lexibar to download the appropriate voices. If this window has been closed and no language is selected, the text to speech will not work.

To solve this problem: first go to the Lexibar's settings. On Windows, go to the Lexibar's menu by right-clicking on the Lexibar's icon found in your Windows' toolbar, at the bottom right near the time, or under the small arrow that hides applications. On macOS, click on the Lexibar's icon which is in your app bar.

Under "French voice" and "English voice", verify that voices are present. If you see an empty blue space, you will need to click on the arrow to open the drop-down menu and click on the desired voices to download them to Lexibar.


An installation guide is available to assist you in installing Lexibar on both Windows and MacOS computers. You will find this guide on the manuals and guides page.

For all technical information about the different versions of the product, you can consult the technical information by clicking here.

Several software such as online software work a little differently with Lexibar since they are "not connected". When using Lexibar with this type of software, you will see a small power plug with a red X in the upper left corner of the word prediction window. It is not technologically possible to work in the same way with these software as with Word, WordPad and Outlook for example, which are software connected to Lexibar.

In order to better explain how to optimize the use of Lexibar with this type of software, we have prepared a short video. The video was originally made for use with Libre Office, but the explanations apply to any other software "not connected":

Lexibar is available for macOS. Click here to access the download page. Subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed!

PDF text can be read when certain elements are respected.

1. PDF reader software that is not supported by the Lexibar
Note that a wide range of software is available to open, view and even edit PDF documents. However, some of them are not supported by the Lexibar. For a list of Lexibar-compatible software, see Product Update Details here: /updates-details.

2. Document scanned without optical character recognition (OCR) software
When you scan a document, it becomes an image file. The text in this document can only be detected using optical character recognition (OCR) software. To know if a PDF text is recognized as text by the Lexibar, copy and paste it into a word processing file (Ctrl+C then Ctrl + V). If the operation works well, the Lexibar will then be able to read it using voice synthesis.

For more information on the use of Lexibar with PDF documents, please watch this short video that we have prepared:

Lexibar is now available for iPad and can be downloaded on the App Store. Lexibar does not work on Android at this time.

Lexibar can be used in documents shared with Microsoft Teams. The operation is a little different for Microsoft Teams online versus Microsft Teams software version.

To learn how to open, read and work in shared documents in Teams with Lexibar, you can refer to the document we have prepared for this purpose (French only).

Educational Institutions

For educational institutions, you can obtain either a multi-device’s license or a single license.

The advantage of a multi-device license is that it costs significantly less and is easier to manage through the Haylem management console; it allows you to accumulate your purchases over the years, so you always benefit from a lower price. For multi-user licenses, a minimum of 5 workstations must be ordered per purchase order.

Individual licenses are sold as electronic OEM licenses allowing the installation on 2 computers. This type of license is ideal for a spontaneous need for fewer than 5 installations. It is not possible to cumulate your individual licenses on the same association code.

In both cases, if you wish to purchase a license for an educational institution, you can do so by clicking here.

IT technicians can deploy Lexibar with a network installation. To do this, please refer to our guide for network installation which you will find on the manuals and guides page.

It is also possible to download the complete Lexibar software in ZIP file format which you can then put on a USB key. You can then plug the USB key into each computer to start installing Lexibar without having to download the software each time. Click here to start downloading the local installer.